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Only 25 riders at the start for 40minutes race + 3 laps. (lap of 1.6km) . Already at the first lap, we have been told off because it supposed to be neutral, but we did not know which bring lots of frustration from the beginning. It starts raining which make us very cautious as the track was in industrial venue where obviously oil and other hazards has been leaking on the road! Dwain and I tried a break away to catch Jeremy Hopson (pilu) and Moosh ( Nero racing) who were taking advantage of slow peloton to make a nice ‘’echappee’’. We get caught after 3 minutes efforts, then I attacked again with an other guy for 3 minutes, he gave up so I tried one more time to make the peloton tired of catching me which worked! I was taking distance and enjoying a safe ride on my own without breaking to much until one turn where I slide and cash my bum into the tarmac like a pancake! Ouch! The bike is okay…I talked to paramedics who give me green light to ride again. Unfortunately I did not have the lead I had earlier and jump into the bunch with 2 free laps! Happy to feel alive with a working bicycle but upset to not be able to stay in front and try to be between the leaders and the peloton. Then weird thing happened! The surface was very slippery which make everyone too cautious and nervous. But we knew we will never catch the group of 2 riders in front of us who were each winning their grade masters 1 and 2. So we were riding for place 2 and 3 each grade….but because the 2 leaders were catching us and probably lapping us, NSW cycling made, in my opinion the wrong call to end the race quickly for us. Which means, they ring the bell after 33 minutes of racing to tell us one lap to go…which lucky for Dwain who just broke away and ended being in a front finish second MASTERS1 while us confused , realized we are to late for any sprint and cut the race short! So Well done to the leaders who won and my team mate Dwain who finish 2nd. In my part, I crashed and tear my new jersey again!

…Sore legs and bum but should be fine for tomorrow individual Time trial.

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