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I raced at Adelaide

Race report

Master national road race in Adelaide

Saturday 5th October 2019

2 weeks prior the national was the states championship for masters at Coffs harbor, I could not make it so I thought I could try to get to Adelaide instead. Hoping to make it a family weekend but as you know cycling and holiday is expensive! So we decided I will go to Adelaide on my own, for 24hours. I won’t do the Individual time trial and the criterium….just the road race in Willunga hill, south Adelaide. You might remember the hill when at the tour down under, Richie Porte used to always attack solo and get to the top first.

So I had 2 weeks to be organised flight, accommodation and car rental…I asked if any rbcc riders wants to come over…we had Phil from Rbcc/Perth cycling club who was going and also Matt Glanville but manly for the masters games which is the following week. (good luck to him)

I had 2 weeks to build up some training and distance in my legs . I did 300km in week 1 and 150km in week 2 with different training skills to improve for a hilly course. I was happy and fit enough to race. My bike in another hand needed some TLC. I bought a new bottom bracket from our sponsor #bikebug but my mistake I bought the wrong one! So I went to our local bike shop, Europa in Kensington which is very much recommended by lots of members of rbcc. I trust their advice as we are a family. My bike was good, my training and diet was perfect, I slowly lost fat and build muscle to gain speed. Coming to the Friday, landed in Adelaide at 9pm…but not my bicycle!

My race bike was in Sydney’s tarmac! They said it should be in a next flight landing at 10:30pm.

They called me later saying it will be delivered first thing in a morning, between 7 and 8. At 8am, they told me my bike was in Melbourne landing in Adelaide at 10am! I was stressed and very much sad! I took some time off to train and make my family proud…but instead I was lonely, without bike and thinking to take the next flight home. Time will be tight if I decide to drive to Willunga hill before racing time. I got my bike at 10:25! I had no nails left! I asked my social media friends what should I do?

I asked myself: R U OK? There is so low point in life but there is lots of good thing as well and lucky I am surrounding with friends who will listen to my complain… I am French, I have to complain!

Anyway, my friends motivated me to drive south and try! You cannot be negative or give up on something if you don’t actually try. Crazy enough I drove for 1hour, then at Willunga, someone from Illawarra saw me rushing and come to my rescue to put the bike together (pedals, seat post, wheels and hand bars all tight and ready). I had 10 minutes left to have a spin.

Race was 4 laps of 18km undulated with a 3 km down hills and 4 km Willunga hill. Strong field and a bit windy. I let my friend from manly breaking away at the beginning and let the others working on a easy chase. Then coming to the down hill and took some good corners which brought me to the front and manage to broke away as Chris said Go matt! Okay. I did 8 km in a front to split the group, only 4 guys was chasing me and got me on the hill so we rode together for the next 3 laps. I enjoyed the down hill as traffic was controlled, it was a pleasure to take nice curves…the last down hill, I let chris going ahead and let the 3 others guys working on a chase. At this time, I was exhausted from the heat! It was 33 degrees; I wanted some water. My 2 water bottles was empty, probably to much sugar and my morning preparation did not help! Starting the last hill, 4 km to go, I was 4th wheels, the winner from Adelaide knew what to do and dropped us like dirty laundry. Chris hold his second place while I had to make a last push to annoyed and stay in front of the 4th guy…I hold it to third, it was a long ride to the top. I did not cramp or feeling weak, just thirsty. #bronze medal, happy days. I was going for the win but after my morning worries, I just wanted to ride and try to race.

My next race was to catch my flight back to Sydney in time….I pack my bike in a record time and drove to the airport, drop my rental car and get to the airport in time….and then when somebody ask you:

How you doing today? Sometimes is good to tell the truth. I was tired, exhausted, sad and happy and just wanted to go home. I told the hostess, Gabrielle, about my morning misadventure with a missing bike… she felt sorry for me. Talk to her supervisor and 20 minutes later I had a call , I was upgraded to Business class. Oulalala…Never been upgraded before and never fly business or even enjoy a shower in Business lounge… I was happy what does life got to offer. There is some up and down… but so much fun…. Life is not boring and I will make the most of it.

...Never giving up . try first to do something, try again or ask somebody if you are doing right?

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