TCM- Traditional Chinese Medicine

Why does it work? Why should I use it? Well, as I keep saying. It has beeen used for over 2 000 years. So Something must be right. You don't have to be worried too much as only practitionner who are qualified and knows how to usen this eastern style of healing. Any keys are great to be used to open access of the healing process and restore balanced health. Recently, I have been used few trigger point and dijitopuncture which is pr essure point in certain part of the body to release blockage or to open new wave of release. So let me share it with you few things you can do at home when I told my client how to heal from home. Constipation, happening sometimes to elderly person or stress people

Charity for stress management and anxiety

The DARE Project - there were inspirational ambassadors talking about their experience and empower attendees to overcome anxiety, stress and live a much healthier life. The ambassadors demonstrate techniques on overcoming anxiety and manage better your time which means also your life. During the talk show which I enjoyed, I was also massaging back, head and shoulder on a seated chair massage for few minutes. All attendee were happy and satisfied by the health care we provide. As massage therapist, we should try to find the key of the healing process... Sometimes, the pain is physical , we can see it and assess the issue as a professional practitioner. However, sometimes the pain is deeper

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