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Mental Wheels Foundation

I am on board with a great partnership, the Mental Wheels Foundation. That research is conducted by Macquarie University and then in conjunction with Mind Spot .org that research is transitioned into real life programs, tips and tricks on how to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Over the past few years some of that research has been focused on the 'Things You Do' A clinical trial that has made huge impact on the way we treat mental health in this nation and beyond.

So what are the top 5 things you should do? Well here is a snap shot and a guide to 5 things you can start including in your daily routine that not only have been proven to improve your mental health but also help you bounce back after life whacks in a cross wind, rain and an untimely puncture!

1. Meaningful activities!

It's one thing to include some sort of exercise each day but it has been shown that making sure that your chosen activity has a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is important too. What does that mean?

I, Mathieu Bremaud, are sharing this amazing 5 tips from the directeur sportif of my new cycling team. We are all involve in beter health, and Mental Health awareness, study, research and improvement.

Copyright goes to him, also his hard work , so by respect i am sharing his words. Here at Cafe Racer it means we look to continually change up our training and exercise regime. Whether that be choosing a new route for a ride or setting a new challenge to aim for, we endeavour to keep it interesting and always, ALWAYS make it FUN! Group activities are great but equally a brisk walk with or without a 4 legged friend is also a great way to start the day, clear the head and line yourself up to tackle the challenges that may lay ahead!

2. Healthy Thinking

I am thinking about carrots and apples! Not that type of Healthy Thinking! Having realistic thoughts about ourselves, the world around us and the future ahead is also important. Making an effort to train your thoughts to be optimistic but practical and reasonable is a great way to improve not only fulfilment but also self awareness. The enemy here is generally social media. The lives of the Not rich and Not famous etching over produced images, reels and videos into your mind definitely don't assist in a long term positive mindset. Reality TV is another unrealistic drain of dribble that can have a negative effect on your personal self esteem and feeling of self worth. Instead try setting your self some practical tasks around your home or office. It maybe just cleaning your room, or getting on top of your inbox and calendar.

3. Goals and Plans

Speaking of cleaning out your inbox and organising your calendar ... Having goals and plans helps with continued motivation. Maybe your first goal is to clean out your inbox! Then put plans in place to further yourself as a good human! Plan to learn a new language, plan a holiday at the end of the year and a budget to make sure you have some good holiday dollars. Set a goal of loosing a few KG's before Xmas, Changing a habit or even just to be more considerate to the environment and set a goal of using less plastics. The important thing with goals and plans is to then measure them on a regular basis. Set aside some time each week to look back at the week-past and see how you are tracking toward your goals. 2 things will happen, a sense of achievement and a regular reminder of your responsibilities to yourself and your loved ones.

4. Healthy Routines

5,6,7,8 step kick, step ball change! .... Not that we don't think a good old jig around the lounge room is great for a bit if mental stimulus but the routines we really love are our morning and evening routines. For example our circadian rhythm has been proven that once aligned we are more productive and feel an overall higher level of drive. Thats because a good morning routine of getting up when the sun comes up, being out doors where the suns rays can reach your pupils, some exercise, some good breathing techniques, a cold shower if you really want to make your day start and finish with some serious drive, a healthy breakfast and some solid self love (brushing teeth, grooming and making your bed) .. will make you dominate your day with confidence and drive! Check out this video from Dr Andrew Huberman about some awesome morning protocols!

5. Social Connections

No not staring at your instagram feed! Family & Friends - Call them! Meet them for a walk or a coffee! Stay connected and not only through text. Prioritise in-person or phone/video-call connection. Real stories are shared LIVE through sound and visual. Whether you're having a great day or a bag of shit of a day, a 5 min catch up with a friend or family member can be the perfect break in your day to put things into perspective.

5 things that are pretty obvious but we all struggle with from time to time. Make an effort to include these 5 things in your daily routine. Share this message with 5 friends / family and together we can continue to build a world of fricken awesome humans who bind together to work through the good the bad and the ugly!

If you want to dig a little deeper please check out

"Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you like it please give it some love and leave a comment and tell us what you do t keep yourself up when life's dealing you shite!" Vaughan McVilly - Cafe Racer Alliance


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