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Covid19 - it's a virus

CLINIC CLOSED FOR SAFETY OF OTHERS It is with a heavy heart that my association of massage therapist AMT, advises all members in practice to shut down all client contact immediately....massage therapists must face in their risk assessments and decisions. At this stage we advise that members cease treating clients for an initial period of 2 weeks... ... We only ask that you are patient with us as we try to manage the AMT response to unfolding events associated with COVID19 “Social isolation is not an act of fear - it's an act of love” Dr Dan Suan

PS: I am not sick or carry any risk of contagious however we need to think bigger scale. We should all hold our breath for 2 weeks, rest, study and cycling to lower the risk of infection for a little while.

For family sake and I also got obligation for health and safety to not be selfish and care for others.

This 2 weeks of unpaid leave will affect me financially but I will help my community to stay healthy for longer.

Also, I wish it will be only 2 weeks of lock down....but the truth is we do not know... let's wait and see.

Be well, stay safe and take care to each other.

Yours sincerely

Mathieu Bremaud

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