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covid 19 - ready and safe to be back to work

Nice to see that Remedial Massage Therapists are essential and become recognised as Health care practitioner, non Allied Health but still health practitioner.

We help with a little relaxation massage or sports massage, but also treatment more than a massage for oncology patient, pregnancy, mental health issue or Elderly patient suffereing from dementia.

At this stage, Remedial/Therapeutic Massage is allowed in NSW and also for HOME BASED CLINIC, Yeahhh.

I am a Remedial Massage Therapist (Diploma), I am insured, a member of an association, and have health fund provider status. My business is run from my home - with dedicated clinic room and office space. A risk assessment of my business has been conducted and increased hygiene and screening protocols formulated - so I am happy to finally been allowed to operate.

I made accessible all document and proof that I play the game within the rules and NSW laws and requirement. I am proud to be with AMT association who guide us to work safely and to not rush to the unknown.

Thank you for your patience, I am operated within National and State of NSW law. I am happy and confident to be back and be essential again.

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