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About Me

Hi, My name is Mathieu Bremaud, but you can call me MAT.


Owner of M.A.T, Massage And Treatment. I do not only deliver a massage but also a Treatment. Therefor I called my business Massage And Treatment started in Randwick, Eastern suburb and now based in Hillsdale, next to Eastgarden and Maroubra...and way to close to Bunnings which is a quick stop before or after a massage?

I learned and gained great clinical experience as a remedial therapist, providing treatment for injuries (including sports, workplace and repetitive strain injuries), postural anomalies, stress, tension, and chronic musculoskeletal problems.

My style of therapeutic massage incorporates various techniques, deep tissue muscle therapy, myo-facial release, and corrective exercise therapy which provide rehabilitation and relaxation. I practice at my clinic by appointment only or at your place for a mobile service. 


I am a healthy athlete who did Triathlon and now focusing on cycling and improving life style for others.




• Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, specialist rehabilitation and Sports.

• Diploma of Remedial Massage by Brandon Raynor's Natural therapy.

• Diploma of Remedial Massage (NSW School of Massage) DRM.


Skilled in Remedial Massage, Sports, Deep Tissue Therapy, Pregnancy Massage... and also relaxation.

Once upon a time,  I was a chef in France, England, New Zealand and Sydney to gain confidence and increase skills in notorious kitchen.

Then due to the long working hours standing on my feet, I received regular massages to keep myself healthy and fit for duty...and understood that I should get back to my educational roots of sports medicine and looking after others.

I have been studying Kine',which is similar to Physiotherapy and then came  back to Australia but my degree was not recognised. So after few recognition of prior education and diploma of remedial massage, sports and rehabilitation therapy. In years, I gained more experiences and continue to study to complete my skills as much as Ayurvedic Indian style of massage to relaxation, sports and more recently fertility and pregnancy massage. 



I worked for Sports Chiropractor and Sports Podiatrist which were great opportunities to use my hand therapy for the benefits of others. I am an active person, competed few triathlon and running competition which make me having a greater understanding on Sports Massage and its benefits for athletes and others who suffer from injury or would like to reach better performance. and since the birth of my little boy, I also help men and women to accept difficulty of fertility and help to get better and healthier to have a chance. Massage can be enjoyable, pleasurable and fun to receive as well.


...Also, I am linked with Coogee triathlon club, Randwick Botany Cycling Club (RBCC) and mentoring SETS Sydney emerging Triathlon squad of Juniors.

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 Expectation is communication.


 First questions we ask is,

What can I do for you?  What are you looking for?

Before you choose a massage style, you need to decide if you want a massage for relaxation and stress control, or for symptom relief?

When booking a massage, let us know what you’re looking for and we will help customize a perfect treatment for you


 What should I expect at my first appointment?

You will be required to fill in a brief history form and we will discuss what you’re expectations are from the treatment. Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow for this, this time also allows you to ask any questions you may have about massage and your treatment.

If It is a mobile massage, the therapist will come 5-10 minutes before treatment to install his table and get ready.

Once you have completed your history form, you will be explained what clothing you will need to remove (underwear is kept on at all times) and king size towels are provided for draping to ensure your privacy. I will then leave the room to allow you to get changed and hop on the table.

Once the massage has been completed I will once again leave the room and let you get dressed, then we can have a chat about my findings and any future treatment plans that may be required.


 How many treatments will I need?

My funny quote is: '' not more than one a day''.

Off course, I am kidding. This depends of your condition and time first. Obviously it is important to find time to look after yourself. This varies from person to person, but for a chronic condition it can take anything from 2 to 5 treatments at regular intervals, if you undertake corrective exercise and stretching routines this of course speeds up your recovery.

Some people find that one treatment can help significantly for others it’s a longer process. This can be discussed at the time of your treatment.


 Will it hurt?

I am not here to hurt you! I will endeavor to work within your comfort zone, to ensure that you are able to relax into the pressure that may be required to work on some of your tighter spots. Always let your therapist know if it’s too firm. Communication is a key of healing – we can’t always tell and there’s no need to suffer in silence!


 What about the next day?

It’s different for everybody, a lot of toxins are released during the course of the treatment which can result in residual soreness. This is quite normal and should wear off in a couple of days. Make sure you drink plenty of water post treatment and rest.

What else?

I am back training and also healing injuries of athlete. You could be a professional athlete or training just as hard and need a massage treatment. You can look after yourself and keep up with the hard work and improving performance by contacting me anytime.

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Mobile Massage

We will bring to you the best massage experience possible. Our therapists arrive on time and establish a quality massage that is specific to your needs.  


You won't have to wait at a clinic or running from the massage room to your car in cold winter. No. You just need to let us know what do you want and if there is easy access to park for the therapist car. Then MAT will come 5 -10 minutes earlier to arrange his table and let you fill up a case history form for health & safety purpose. 

MAT looks after busy athlete, busy mum who need a massage while baby play or sleep, people in needs, who cannot move easily or want the privacy and a confortable massage at home.

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Health fund rebate available

I am a provider for all Australian private health funds insurance.

It means you can get a rebate (money back) from your Private health fund.


Depending on the amount of cover you have, you can get back usually around $30 to $90 back.

You will be able to claim to your Health Fund insurance easily with your receipt.

HICAPS is available, just need to ay the gap


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