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What people are saying about MAT

''Thanks very much Mat. The massage was terrific! See you next Friday'' Nadia , new mum, busy and exhausted.

"-He is simply outstanding!" Greg J. Cyclist and busy Father of 2.

''- With Mathieu, paying only for a massage service but receiving way more is awesome. It's like going to a counselling session, talk about your problem but instead of lying on a sofa, you are treating yourself with great massage for only $75. '

"-Thanks again Mat. This mornings treatment was exceptional!!'' Greg after a 6:30 am treatment.

''-Excellent knowledge and practical use of massage therapy , highly recommend!'' Vit M. Personal trainer



''-Keeps me doing what I love to do. Triathlon :-). Thanks.'' Steven P. triathlete



''-Excellent therapist and really lovely guy!'' Naomi B. dancer and pilates instructor.



''-MAT is very calm and precise with professional determination to assess anf treat a patient well.'' Elena B, physiotherapist.


''- Mathieu Bremaud was very accommodating in my appointment. I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to pressure on my neck and shoulders but he was able to adapt to make me as comfortable as possible while still being effective. He gave me some advice about sitting and standing posture for my job, and some stretches I can do if I experience any stiffness. His prices are also quite affordable and he offers a student discount.'' 9 July 2015 by Lachlan Harland



"Professional, strong, intuitive, able to vary treatment modality so it is not boring. Skilled, good pressure with use of aromatherapy oil. Treatment met my needs very much." Rob M.



"-Good variety of technique used, flow and pressure were all excellent and very effective. The treatment was great." David Mc L.



''-The sessions was confortable.Therapist worked professionally and thoroughlty.High recommended.I won’t change anything about his treatment.'' Loulou S.



''-Very Professional and expert to treat well. Mathieu is excellent therapist and is very knowledgeable. He responds incredibly well to my demand.'' Phil F.



''-Incredible hand, healing power. Always find the right spot to treat the whole body''. Rebecca B.



''-Mathieu helped me so much to recover from hard training sessions and improving my performance in Triathlon.'' Mike 



''-Mathieu is fun. He is not a boring therapist. He know how to help and make us feel better, injury free and for a long time. He always give me tips to improve myself''. Byron W. 


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