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8 Tips to stay active this winter

1. Biking to work

Well, tomorrow, if I took my bike to go to work?,I would be as fast as using bus or driving and the colder it is, the more your body will tend to burn calories and to spend to reach port. Also, the planet will thank you.

2. Office improvised = Fitness at work

Rather than sending an email automatically to your colleague who works down the hall or upstairs above, move. And enjoy a break between records to make some stretching. Bust right, glued back against your seat, raise your arms above your head, hands crossed, palms facing the ceiling. Inhale and exhale by pushing your hands toward the ceiling for 5 seconds...or lift your bottle of water few times to contract your arm or forarm... Ten repetitions, it can never hurt, especially your triceps!

3. In front of the TV = stretching and muscle strengthening

In front of your TV, rather than stay slumped on the couch, get started in a stretching session or general physical preparation: pumps, mounted knees, lunges, cladding or abs.

4. Supermarket = to park further away

At the supermarket, why do four laps of the car park to park as close as possible to the entrance? Go for it directly to the end of the parking and walk. With the added bonus of a little weight training session to return, laden down with bags. 5. Public transport = go down sooner

You travel by bus, tram or subway? Go down two or three stops early to finish walking. And if it really is too cold, stay warm but still enjoy in: Seated:by contracting your abs belly 5 times for 5 to 7 seconds and pushing your navel up towards your spine. Standing: Work your calves, glutes and thighs 50 times by hoisting you on your toes. Hold 20 seconds, contracting abs well and staying straight.

6. Bakery ahead run = The bakery is a few hundred meters? Go power like that bread will still be warm when you get home! Well this is a french thing to the bakery to get fresh bread.

7. Shower

Enjoy your post-race shower to make your stretches but don;t lose blance.

8. spin class It's good

At the gym or in your living room while cooking dinner or in front of the tv.To start your appetite, do a workout. Whether we call home trainer or exercise bike, it is often a good substitute for a running session on foot. If you prefer very structured sessions and you are more the type to follow to the second beep from your cardio carefully programmed in advance, you have the option, by bicycle as running, working different sectors. Accelerating on the 10 to 20 second intervals will improve your explosive strength by soliciting anaerobic alactic sector. Aerobic power is worked by intervals between 1 and 3 minutes. Beyond (from 3 to 15 minutes), you enter a work that will develop your aerobic threshold. Hint: put yourself in front of your TV at the time of a cycling race or, in winter, a cross-country race. Slip into the skin of a sport on the screen and adjust your pace to his. It's going down? Lower resistance or increase the frequency. It's rising? Increase the difficulty. Remember to do a few breaks to hydrate yourself because this type of force causes a big sweat.

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