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There is so much to know about massage

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I am a massage therapist. it comes from the French name ''masseur'' for men therapist and ''masseuse'' for a women therapist.

However, here in Australia, I dislike to be called ''masseuse''. It is a girl name and also an Australian termology for someone giving sexual massage. I have been qualified and proud to keep studying for Continuity of Education and to have a title of being a therapist for non sexual service.

I give more than a massage but also a Treatment (MAT). I am a Massage Therapist.

In a massage industry, there is so much to know, firstly I am not allowed to give any diagnostic as I am not a Physiotherapist but I can give my opinion and assess the client for a better result. I advice and recommend exercise and healthy tips for better life style.

But thing you need to know is contra-indication and cautions before receiving a massage:

We are professional and follow a code of ethics for the best and respect of the client.

If you are not sure about your health, ask your therapist for further information.

-You should not have a massage if you are sick or not feeling well.


  • Inflammation or recent injury / surgery

  • High blood pressure: Massage affects the blood vessels, and so people with high blood pressure or a heart condition should receive light, sedating massages. And could be assess with aromatherapy essential oil.

  • Varicose veins: Massage directly over varicose veins can worsen the problem. However, a very light massage next to the problem, always in a direction toward the heart,can be very beneficial.

  • Skin problems: such as rashes, wounds, bruises, burns, boils, and blisters, for example. Need to be identify to continue a safe massage for the client and the therapist.

  • Other conditions and diseases: Diabetes, asthma, and other serious conditions each have its own precautions which therapists will be aware of.

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