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Bowral Classic 2017

Bowral classic is a ride of 160km. You can also pick 45, 80 or 120 a great ride where each member of the family can pick a distance!

This year, I am an ambassador, to promote this great ''fondo'' event and keep it safe. I wake up at 3:15 am...yes on Sunday morning, have a good breakfast before driving to bowral in 90minutes. I was there early, to accomodate time to welcome riders, introducing myself and ready to start at 6:30 am.

I was with the leading group, first wave of 75 riders. we dd 46km the first hour...the pee stop, before hitting the hills and few other difficulties which split the group. 10 riders in a front, following by my group of 11 riders. Overall did a nice time under 4hours effort! Great organisation, beautiful venue and so close to Sydney.

Love it. then at the village, I had a quick post race massage and refreshing beer before driving back to Sydney at 2:30pm.

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