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RBCC TTT 2017 at Nowra

Team time trial at Nowra #RBCC

We did it again, but with a different time from last year.

Matt Glanville our captain ( missing on a pictures) had a mechanical at the beginning of the 39km course! so the 3 amigos had to continue the pace without burning out all the way to the finish lane.

From the left to right: Sebastien Meyer-Clode, Dwain Hesp and Mathieu Brémaud.

We have been prepared for the last 4 weeks to ride together and learn to pace each other without hurting ourselves to much! we learn a lot thorough the training and so beneficial for the next yer....I keep remind myself that


We did it in 55'07 secondes which is not too bad considering the wind and we were only 3 riders. Better time than last year. He makes even more confident for next year. we finished 6th. I knew that the first 2 are very strong but I was aiming 3rd position, noble and confident but we did not make it for few reason....which great to know why and how to assess to become better and stronger. I like time trial Individual because it reminds me triathlon and the mind set of training and concentration. For the Team Time Trial (TTT) because my captain was out, I had to take the control to keep us together and finish with 3 riders to get the best time. It's more stressful than on your own as you are comptable for your team mates and you don't want to disappoint anyone...

I am proud of my team and looking forward to do it again next year.

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