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Masters state championship at Orange

22nd, 23rd and 24th April 2017

Masters state championship

Starts at Molong, 30km North of Orange, a beautiful country town at this time of year, where trees showing their beautiful autumn color.


Before the race

Every body is different and need more or less nutrition but however you need fuel before racing. Race starts at 9:40 so I ate at 7am:

- 1x banana

- 1x muesli with milk

- 2 eggs

- Orange juice + maybe a litre of water before racing.

…Never race with empty stomach and dehydrated.

While racing 117km

- 1x gel on my warm up before the start

- 2x gel

- 1x muesli bar with protein easy to digest

- 1x chocolate energy bar

- 2x water bottle (full)

MMAS1-MMAS2 Race report

The 117km completed just above 3 hours was not easy but with lots of attacks and opportunity which sometimes if you feel it right, you go for it. We had 4 laps on a beautiful morning, combined with 16 riders from Masters1 (30-34) and probably 40 riders from Masters 2( 35-40).

1st lap was tricky with lots of attacks, which were supervised by distance by the peloton. They were not chasing any bunch but having a nice controlled ride. I was not well positioned, I did not like to be at the back, squeezed to close to the gutter! So after 30km, we had 2 break away of 3 riders in a front, we could see them suffering against the wind while we were in formation ‘’echelon’’ for a fast and effective ride. It was not a closed road, so they were just at the limit of the middle of the road when I decided to take over by the left and bring myself to the top of the peloton to see what’s going on. Feeling safer in the 10th wheels, I was ready for any opportunity which happened very quickly before the big hill, 5km before the end of lap 1. I have found myself in a break with a guy from Mainly. We tried, we had fun to suffer for a little while then he gave up so I carry on. Hoping to catch the guy in front of me and also getting caught by other group behind. Little bit of gamble to wish for strong riders to follow my lead!

2nd Lap was my fastest and also the 3rd fastest time on Strava! I was on my own feeling good and determined to bridge with helps of riders. Coming to town, I was caught by Chris Miller from Nero Racing sports (check their video), and Andrew Lake (ACT). We successfully bridged to Moosh from Nero Racing sports and establishing a break of 4 riders. I had a smile all the way because I was with great riders who got experience and does not mind to share and say it to make a break away successful. Chris Miller took the role of captain and motivated us to work together, and push the hammer down at the beginning of the break away to assure a good lead. Continues roll of 10 -15 secondes, gave us 40 seconds lead on the bunch by the end of lap 2.

3rd lap, we could feel tired legs and lost Moosh who was brave to Break from lap1. Then I looked behind to see that the bunch were coming close to us so I dropped as well to recover and get back into a safe position in a bunch of 20 riders, mixed MMAS1 and MMAS2 with the back up of our new fellow rbcc, Dwain Hesp.

Chris Miller continue is ride on his own all the way to the finish lane, 1st MMAS2. We never caught him because it was not in the interest of MMAS1, we had a lap to go and telling the older to do the work in a front if they want to catch him. Me, I was honestly exhausted, and happy to stay behind the leader of MMAS1 (Jeremy Hopson).

4th lap, was tough and lots of communication to remind MMAS2 that they need to do the work for the chase. We split once then regroup in town for the finish sprint which was easily won by Nash Kent (amazing sprinter) following by Jeremy Hopson who took the MMAS1 title by no surprise. He rode smart and he’s a strong sprinter. Dwain finished 5th and I finished 6th MMAS1.

Happy and satisfied.

After the race

  • 1 litre of water

  • 1 mini can of coke

  • muesli bar

  • stretching

Stay tuned for more info at Day 2m Sunday criterium

& Day 3 Individual Time Trial on Monday

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