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Sports cake recipe

300 g of white flour

400 ml of skim milk

150 g of honey

20 g dried apricots,

20 g of dried pitted figs,

20 g prunes

60 g raisins,

1 tablespoon oil (mixture of oils),

1 packet of yeast (baking powder)

1 tablespoon powdered almonds.

Mix all ingredients, oil pan or cake pan, bake in a hot oven (gas mark 6, 180 ° C) for about 40 minutes

(check it, stick a knife in the center of the energy cake Sports if it is cooked, it should come out clean).

Let cool before cutting and enjoy!

Keep it in a towel or in plastic wrap or pack under vacuum bag to keep about 1 to 2 weeks. It can be also frozen!

Preparation: 10 minutes.

Cooking: 40 minutes +/- 5 minutes depending on oven.

Tip to prevent fruit fall in the bottom of the cake: - start with 1/3 of the dough mold without fruit background, - Then sprinkle with 1/3 of fruits, - Repeat 3 times the operation.

PS: My sister is dietician, not me. I don't pretend to give diet advice without consulting her first.

This recipe has been advice to me, from a French sport dietician, to do before your hard week of training. No need to eat weird or to sweet produce made by supermarket. They are great and good value but probably to sweet, here in Australia! I live in Sydney where it's sunny and hot! You don;t want to eat to much sugar otherwise, you will become dehydrated to quickly! You need to be careful also with your energy drink! I drink water, and if I want to be make it useful for my race, I personally use Barocca, or French sirop with salt! I don't buy any special drink, water should keep me going for 1 hour effort.

In the other hand, my recovery drink will be sparkling water from the supermarket, less than a dollar for a litre. Magnesium and minerals are what you need for a good drink recovery.

Check this table below to compare with your article from the supermarket.

Split by CAKE then By PIECE

Energy (kcal)2183 / 545.75

Protein (g)52 / 13

Lipides (g)31 / 7.75

Glucides (g)421 / 105.25

sugar (g)206.06 / 51.52

Magnesium (mg)187.42 / 46.86

Calcium (mg)636.711 / 59.18

Phosphore (mg)1 504.48 / 376.12

Potassium (mg)2 403.52 / 600.88

Sodium (mg)1 421.50 / 355.38

Iron (mg)9.05 / 2.26

Zinc (mg)3.06 / 0.7

Manganese (mg)0.82 / 0.21

Iode (µg)47.34 / 11.84


nium (µg)6.3 / 1.5

Vitamine D (µg)0.04 / 0.01

Vitamine E (mg)15.36 / 3.84

Vitamine C (mg)10.5 / 2.6

Vitamine B1 (mg)0.65 / 0.16

Vitamine B2 (mg)1.18 / 0.30

Vitamine B3 (mg)4.52 / 1.1

Vitamine B5 (mg)2.88 / 0.72

Vitamine B6 (mg)1.32 / 0.33

Vitamine B9 (µg)107.42 / 26.86

Vitamine B12 (µg)1.08 / 0.27

(1) Source Ciqual 2012 and before cooking (2) 1 piece = 1/4 of the cake = 200g tips: For a sports energy cake, airier, more mellow, less compact, less dense, choose corn flour and / or add one to two egg white, fold into your dough at the end of preparation!

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