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Let's improve endurance for Cyclist

To find a level of endurance related to your ambitions, it is advisable to follow some simple tips.

Quality of material, technical training and lifestyle: no element must not be neglected

> Some fundamental Respect

Warming up and Cooling down are must for all outputs. It is important to gradually raise the heart rate and accelerate blood flow for better muscle irrigation before getting to the heart of his effort. At least twenty minute warm up is necessary.

Late in the session, the return of calm - through a dynamic pedaling on small developments - used to initiate the process of elimination of lactic acid and prevent soreness. In a period equivalent to warm-up, cool-trotting can be practiced or even better swimming.

> Carefully follow the 10% rule

It is imperative not to increase his weekly mileage too abruptly.

(As runners - certainly more traumatic sport because of the impact it causes on the skeleton)

- The rider must be record the time spent on the bike and ensure respect the rule of 10% (15% ). Specifically, if you are pedaling 150km during your recovery week - Week 1 in a workout plan - you will add only fifteen kilometers in Week 2. The calculation can also operate in duration that more effort in the distance.

> Use the right equipment

As everyone knows, the choice of equipment is crucial to train optimally and reduce the probability of injury. Your posture should not be dictated by the nature of your bike but the inverse. Therefor, you improve your power, your aerodynamics and comfort. Above all, and this is most important, you limit the risk of falls.

2 months ago, I bought a new pair of Cycling shoes and now I am back to my old one because my new pair is not supportive enaugh. They look cheap and the sole is not strong enaugh! So I got my podiatrist who is making me a new orthotics to improve my cadence and next time I buy a cuycling shoes , I will not check the color but the support instead.

> Do not ignore bodybuilding

Common for cyclists over 40 years avoiding the gym. They are the ones who most need a specific muscle strengthening. Targeted work to better prepare the body to the demands of training and cycling. It improves bone health and plays a protective role in preventing injuries. Two weekly sessions are required to achieve results. The leg muscles are not to be saturated - not undermine the effectiveness of workouts the following days. Focus alternately on the areas of the upper body: shoulders, chest, arms and back. And finish each pass to the gym by abdominal exercises and sheathing.

While cycling, we do not only use our legs but also Back muscle, neck and forearm (while sprinting or climbing).

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