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Gran Fond / UCI Cycling race

Here we go again, cycling race in Lorne, Victoria on the 11th of September 2016.

Gran Fond cycling race, qualification for the world championship which will be held in France in August 2017. Over 2000 riders from around the world (90% from Australia ;) categorised by age group to race for victory but also to get an entree for the World race.

My age group, 19-34, started first before the following group every 2 minutes. We went straight to 11km climb to technically make a selection in my peloton of 200 riders!

I did what I have been told to do which is to stay in a front and keep up hard to not split and lose the head of the group. I was 3rd on the top of the 1st climb. Then going down hill for 6 km at 70km/h, we obviously did well and pushed hard to split and become a break away of 27 riders well up front. The race was hard, wet, windy and hilly! At km 60, I started to strangle and feel tired because I did have enough long distance training prior the race! I don’t have any excuse except I came back from holiday and been sick and weak for 2 weeks after being back which left me with only 2 more weeks before the race. So I tried to keep up with the leaders but I was riding slower and slower then dropped. They did not slow down up hill. There were strong and me tired… and stupid! I realised too late that I was actually in a wrong gear! It was raining, I was feeling the tiredness and did not realise I was pushing on my big chain ring! Once I changed to the small one, my legs were already off and the leading group long way gone! I mood took over my strength which is not right when you got 60km to go. Few strong groups who started after me, catch me, I tried to stay with them but I had no legs because of a lack of long distance training. Fortunately, after this long hill, there were 8 km down hill, on close road, which I really enjoy, full speed on the right and left side of the road to recover and try to regroup. I got my confidence back and rode for 40km on the beautiful great ocean road, from Apollo Bay to Lorne on False flat.

I finished the race of

120km in 3hours and 19minutes.

...I wanted to cry but I had no water in my eyes !

Exhausted and upset to not be at my best but then realised I become qualified anyway for the world. I finished 35th in my age group which is enough as there were giving away only 40th spot for the World UCI.

So Now I have got 11 months to get my training right and ready to do something amazing for the World championship

*22km time trial on the 24th of August and

*155km road race on the 27th of August

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