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An other podium before my holiday

I was not feeling well but after seeing #romainbardet victory at a stage of #TDF2016 . I had to go to a cycling criterium on Saturday 23rd July, where I finished third!

After my Team Time Trial, I was pretty upset , but then I cooled down and realise that cycling is an amazing sport, hard but fun if you come home safe.

On Saturday afternoon, Race starts at 3pm at Desrenford, Effron park, Maroubra...So now let me share my experience with you. I did not have any arrogance to win today as it was not my place. I did not train all week, unwell for 2 days, so I asked if I could raced with B grade. I have recently raced A grade with the big guns. I have got no chance against them who trained hard like pro. They are elite, or used to be pro and they are fast. I don't really enjoy riding with them because you hang hard with them and try to keep up on a skilled 2km tricky track. B grade is not that a different level.There are few strong riders but none of them want to ride together to increase the speed and aerodynamic of the race! I did not want to take over the race and try to win! I Enjoyed riding inside the peloton and see few attacks at early stage of the criterium.

At the 4th lap, at very windy condition, 2 guys did a break away and did very well to ride perfectly together against the wind and to keep up to the finish line.

While the peloton did not want to roll and keep turning to start the chase! They were only 5 riders keen to ride together whilst other where sucking wheels behind my bum! I did not mind. I was there for fun and try to to give Victory to Jason but he could not stay in my wheel.

So I tried to organise few riders to start a the chase at 8 laps to go. But at the end, they were only my and an other guy who kept turning while the peloton where enjoying the ride behind us. I should felt exhausted but instead I was happy and worked hard for it. It was a good practise for me and a way to increase my heart rate and strength. At the last 200 metres, I was still in a front, leading the sprint and won the peloton Sprint which get me to the third step of the podium.

I would love to stay with B grade because I like the level of strength but I cannot really improve or learn new skills as with A grade...who work hard to stay together. Thank you — at Heffron Park.

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