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The power of one

Today, I want to tell you something different than sports and injury.

Well, today, it has been raining so I did some wind trainer in my living room with the tv on watching a movie which reminded me a book I read long time ago. I do not readmuch this is why I am going to tell you about this one. Not too many books touch me and make me think. The book calle ''The Power of One'' is a novel by Australian author Bryce Courtenay, first published in 1989. Set in South Africa during the 1930s and 1940s, it tells the story of an English boy who tried to fit in this world of war, racism and black and white respect / apartheid. As little boy, he learn to box and speak the language of the native. He becomes very smart and also excelling well in boxing...and try to keep the peace between the south african white and black...but well i am not gonna give you more about the book , just advuce you to read or watch it. it's a nice old book made in Australia.

A film adaptation was released in 1992 and FYI, it's available on Netflix.

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