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Mother's day around the world

Although various festivities around the theme of the mother existed since ancient times, it was not until the 16th century that a date of Mother's Day is recognized each year.

The origin of Mother's Day

In Ancient Greece, we celebrated Rhea, the goddess of motherhood and Romans we paid homage to the goddess Matralia. It was during the First World War that the American soldiers propagated this amiable tradition in Europe. In France, it is mainly from 1950, it was established a date of the feast for the mothers. Mother's Day 2015, in France will take place the last Sunday of May. A date that can vary.

It is interesting to note that Mother's Day does not fall on the same date in all the countries that give this day a special attention. For example, in France, Mothers Day 2015 will be held on May 31st, while in Australia it was on the May 11th. By cons, Argentina, the date of Mother's Day is always held on the third Sunday of October.

Particular attention

As for dates, the way mothers are honored vary from country to country. In several European countries (France, Belgium, Italy), it is customary to invite the mother and grandmother in the restaurant and offering her flowers. In America, output at the restaurant remains as a tradition and a special gift from the family, is offered to the mother (and grandmother) of the Day.

...What about you, Australia? What are you going to do for Mother’s day. You see, it’s never to late to wish her a special day and also give a gift of Love, A remedial Massage. Her special day, is every time. I miss my mum, and wish an happy mother day to every mother.

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