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I am a cyclist

I have been in Sydney for 7 years but been cycling since young age. I am from France , a familly of cyclist, where my all familly where involve in Racing, fixing bike, organising sports events or just going for a family ride. I was not allowed to race competitively in France because my mum told me it was too dangerous. We have known too many incident and injury. So now, I am in Australia, and glad to be able to race and enjoy what I do In Sydney.

However, This is not always easy to train in Sydney as too many drivers does not like cyclist, using the road...Honeslty, I am not impress either with some rider who does not respect the rules. Well, it is like every where, in Any discipline of life. You need a lot of everything to make a world.

So my point is to not blame cyclist, but stupidity. I have been hit by car, pushed by side care, insulted and even punched in muy face by car driver. Well, it is not fun. I can tell you, Cycling in Sydney is the worst unsafe city. Why?

First, by experience after riding a lot in different country and talking to other fellow rider around the world.

Secondly, where is love and patience? Cycling is free environmental, saving energy, pollution free and give a better traffic on a road as it suppose to be less car user. So we should appreciate the work for hummanity they do and also be patiente behind them until it is safe to take over a bunch a cyclist as we do for a slow user of the road.

Thirdly, Jealous, because a cyclist will always smile, being happy and probably fitter and healthier than the guy in a car. So beat it!

As a cyclist we are not trying to be a threat but more a tool to save environment, to be healthier and happier.

So to get back to the pictures, I won my race B Grade by doing my little Break away. Happy men.

I better continue and do it again, since now, I look after myself welll, eat well, train with moderation and got regularly a remedial / sports massage.


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