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NSW championship Team Time trial (TTT)

On the 16th of July 2016, I headed to Nowra, 3 hours drive south of Sydney for this TTT we trained for. A team of 4 riders, we had to do 40km as fast as possible. Keep rolling and keep turning to avoid being tired and get to the finish line asap. Our target was 55 minutes. and we did very well with a time of 55'16'' which is pretty good as we were only 3 riders who learned to ride together and the 4th rider was not at his top this day! So he left us after 15km, and we ride to the finish line at 3 rider which means we are turning more often to be in a front, fighting against the wind and keeping the pace. Our captain, matt, is also a World champion 2015 on Track, so he does have experience of speed and work together. It was a awesome experience and fun. But there were no time to miss concentration! At one time, I felt weakness which made me slow at the front and lost focus and did not ride straight for 5 secondes which could be dangerous! Fortunately, Pedro took over the relay which allow me to rest at the back and wake up, at 50km/h. We were going fast. but obviously not fastest!

We finish 6th /40 but in the whole general we finished 7th / 100 teams!

I was disappointed because we did not get a podium but then I release than the first 3 compete at world level at 51 minutes. So we did well. We can only improve and enjoy the next ride.

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